Firefox Blocks Cross-site Tracking In Private Browsing

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Starting with the Firefox 89 version, Firefox users are now automatically protected from cross-site tracking when surfing in private browsing mode.

This is achieved through total cookie protection, which is intended to help prevent the sharing of cookies between websites, prevent them from tracking users across the web, and also create browser profiles.

According to Mozilla, when surfing the internet in private mode, users’ privacy is protected by privacy protection technologies such as Total Cookie Protection, Supercookie protection, clearing of cookies and caches, Tracker Blocking, blocking of many fingerprint scripts and SmartBlock.

Arthur Edelstein, Senior Product Manager of Firefox Privacy and Security, describes the latest development as follows: “Firefox’s Total Cookie Protection is a sophisticated set of privacy improvements that enforce a simple, revolutionary principle: your browser should not allow the sharing of cookies between websites. This principle is now enforced in Firefox Private Browsing windows by creating a separate cookie jar for every website you visit.”

While it constantly blocks sites that attempt to track users on the web, Total Cookie Protection makes an exception when it comes to cross-site cookies that are needed for non-tracking purposes.

For more information, read the original story in Bleeping Computer.


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