PwC’s Business Survey Reveals What Cloud Means To Executives

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PwC’s first U.S. Cloud Business Survey, conducted in May, surveyed 524 executives from public and private companies in the financial, media, health and energy sectors to explore what cloud means to executives in various leadership roles.

The survey found that 74% of executives are involved in the cloud strategy, while 70% are involved in cloud-related talent and upskilling decisions.

34% of all respondents tried to achieve improved resilience and agility in cloud computing, making it a priority target for cloud computing initiatives. But, only 18% of respondents in this area identified significant value from their efforts.

The survey found that targets vary depending on the role of executives. CIOs and board members focused primarily on innovation, while CFOs and COOs focused on improving the resilience of the company.

Almost half of the business leaders said that failure to measure values was a major obstacle to achieving values, and almost the same percentage of CFOs said that they lacked confidence in the ability to measure the return on cloud investments.

The lack of technological talent was also identified as the main obstacle to success, with 52% of respondents reporting this, while the percentage was even higher for COOs and CIOs.

PwC emphasized the need for further training throughout the company, including the C-suite. There should be a common understanding of corporate objectives and how cloud enables them through a new way of thinking and how value is ultimately measured.

For more information, read the original story in ZDNet.

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