Report Reveals Feelings About Algorithms In Dating Apps

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44% of survey respondents say they would trust an AI algorithm to find them a compatible match while using a dating app.

Kaspersky recently published a report called “Love in an algorithmic age” which refers to the use of computer algorithms in popular dating apps.

The results illustrate the role algorithms play in suggesting potential matches with other users, and whether people would consider dating virtual assistants.

44% of respondents said they felt they “have to use dating apps in order to date” and 54% agreed that apps make “dating easier” and that they enjoy using them.

64% of respondents said the matches suggested by the dating app were “good,” and the same percentage felt that “the algorithm understands their preferences,” This total increases to 69% for people between the ages of 18-24.

44% said they “would trust AI or an algorithm to find them a compatible match,” and 43% prefer “to only see people who have been determined to be a good match by an algorithm.”

39% of respondents “find it dehumanizing to be sorted by an algorithm,” 56% do not believe that algorithms “can truly capture the complexity needed to understand attraction” and 58% would prefer to “have equal access to everyone on an app” rather than having an “algorithm sort people for them.”

55% of respondents would not “consider being in a relationship with a virtual AI companion,” 14% “would consider it,” and 23% would not rule out the possibility by choosing “maybe.”

Interestingly, 8% said they have previously “been in a relationship with one and would consider it again.”

For more information, read the original story in TechRepublic.


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