Alphabet’s New Company To Make Industrial Robots Adaptable

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Alphabet’s X R&D lab’s next big project is industrial robotics. Its new early-stage company, Intrinsic, is a robotics software and AI company that aims to help robots sense and learn, making them more adaptable to different environments.

After five and a half years of developing its technology at X, Intrinsic will launch as an independent Alphabet company to further develop and validate its product.

The company is now looking for partners in the automotive, electronics and healthcare industries that use industrial robotics.

Wendy Tan-White, the CEO, says: “The surprisingly manual and bespoke process of teaching robots how to do things, which hasn’t changed much over the last few decades, is currently a cap on their potential to help more businesses.”

Tan-White joined X two and a half years ago after working as a partner at BGF Ventures, a capital growth fund, and as a general partner at Entrepreneur First, a global technology investor in AI, robotics and biotech.

She was co-founder and CEO of Moonfruit, the world’s first SAAS website builder platform. She has also been involved in the creation of, the first European peer-to-peer lending site, and, the first U.K. internet bank.

Intrinsic’s top management also includes leading roboticists and AI experts such as CTO Torsten Kroeger, Engelberger Award winner Martin Haegele, robotics innovator Rainer Bischoff and reinforcement learning expert Stefan Schaal.

For more information, read the orignial story in ZDNet.

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