Germany’s Healthcare System Using Matrix Platform

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Matrix will be providing German developers with the infrastructure, tools and protocols to build custom-made applications that enable up to 150,000 healthcare organizations to securely share messages, data, images and files.

Matrix is an open communication platform. The entire healthcare system in Germany is to switch to this homegrown communication and collaboration network, which has been celebrated as a milestone in the digital transformation of the nation.

According to Gematik, the National Agency for the Digitization of Healthcare, Matrix should enable companies to take ownership of their communication tools. Instead of relying on existing applications, Matrix users can access open-source HTTP APIs and SDKs for iOS, Android and Web to develop their own chat rooms, video conferencing and instant-messaging tools.

Gematik estimates that between 15 and 20 apps will be built on the back of the TI Messenger, from which users can choose for their daily communication needs, which, after secure authentication, will be made available to any healthcare provider and professional.

One of the main advantages of the system is the better management and management of sensitive data. All servers in the network are effectively hosted in Germany, either in the data centers of the application provider or in the infrastructure of the healthcare facilities themselves.

Matrix is also committed to embedding end-to-end encryption as the default method in all services on the platform, which is another layer of better data protection.

Noteworthy in the mission statement of the company, is the goal to say goodbye to the most common digital collaboration tools today, which, according to the founders of Matrix, require users to make significant compromises in terms of data protection and security.

The idea resonates with many customers, and the number of Matrix users is steadily increasing.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the company recorded a tenfold increase in demand, and it now has 30 million users. Matrix open-source platform was used by France to build Tchap, an app that is now used by employees for communication instead of Telegram and WhatsApp.

The first Matrix-compatible apps are expected to be licensed in the second quarter of 2022.

For more information, read the original story in ZDNet.


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