Virtual Reality Could Help Combat Some Hybrid Working Issues

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Viberla has built virtual spaces that mimic the office experience for all employees around the world.

The virtual office platform has small and large meeting rooms, offices, roof areas and an auditorium.

According to Alex Howland, CEO and founder of Viberla, anyone can download the software needed for the virtual office.

Howland said that working in a virtual office brings both remote and office workers to one level while helping to avoid the fatigue associated with back-to-back video conferencing.

He said: “With that approach, everyone is on the same level playing field and everyone has just as much access to leadership. There’s a little bit of cognitive load when you try anything new but your brain adapts.”

Viberla is a company known for developing captivating virtual words for remote work.

Currently, organizations are looking into having a virtual office in a simulated space, creating an in-office experience for remote and hybrid workers.

For more information, read the original story in TechRepublic.

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