New AI Tools Will Improve Live-Stream Content Moderation

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The Meet Group (TMG) and Spectrum Labs announced an expansion of their partnership to include a major commitment in voice moderation to protect users from online toxicity in TMG’s live-streaming applications.

The Meet Group develops software for interactive dating websites, and Spectrum Labs is the developer of an AI-based audio content moderation platform.

The Meet Group and Spectrum Labs are working together to capture content at the right time and proactively and cost-effectively detect toxicity, improve accuracy for moderators, and enhance security measures for its users.

Voice tracking starts with recording two different triggers: the first is when a report button is clicked; the tool starts recording the voice track and sends it automatically for analysis; the second immediately starts recording voice based on comments in the video. If a problem is suspected in the video based on comments in the chat, the live stream is automatically reported.

If there is a suspicion of violation of the content, the recording, along with the behavior flag and transcription, in addition to the live stream itself, if still in progress, will be sent to one of The Meet Groups more than 500 human moderators, who will review the content as part of the company’s Content and Conduct policy to review any rule violations or violations.

The algorithmic chat moderation available to The Meet Group apps and the company’s expanded list of vPaaS partners will screen the nearly 15 million daily chats within the live-streaming feature for hate speech, sexual harassment and other similar violations.

The expanded partnership, which was made public on July 27, also includes algorithmic moderation of all chats broadcast within The Meet Group’s live-streaming solution and AI moderation of private chats.

For more information, read the original story in ZDNet.

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