MP Wants To Ban AI ‘Nudifying’ Tool 

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MP Maria Miller is pushing for a parliamentary debate on whether digitally generated nude images should be banned.

This comes after another service, which allows users to strip women in photos using artificial intelligence, quickly circulated on social media.

The affected site has been viewed more than five million times in June alone and features celebrities, including an Olympic athlete, as one of those who users allegedly exposed.

DeepSukebe’s website promises users it can “reveal the truth hidden under clothes.”

According to its Twitter account, the person behind it has never been identified is an “AI-leveraged nudifier” whose mission is to “make all men’s dreams come true”.

Miller said it was time to consider banning such tools, saying it should be a criminal offence to distribute sexual images online without consent to show “the severity of its effect on people’s lives.”

She wants the issue to be addressed in the forthcoming Online Safety Bill.

There are still similar services on the market, many of which use the DeepNude source code made available to the public by the original developers.

For more information, read the original story in the BBC.

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