AI And Data Mining Programming Languages Are Surging

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Programming language C and Python are at the top of TIOBE’s monthly index of leading programming languages. The latest index for August shows a bottleneck at the top, as other programming languages surge ahead.

C has a rating of 12.57%, which is a decrease of 4.41% year-on-year. Second-placed Python has a rating of 11.86% and an increase of 2.17% year-on-year. Third-placed Java has reduced its rating by 4% in the last year to join the latest index with a rating of 10.43%.

Looking at the first three, Python is the only programming language with a positive year-over-year change. Python has displaced Java since August, with the two programming languages swapping positions.

To achieve this, C++, C#Visual Basic and JavaScript complete the top seven. Note that the index ranks four to seven remain the same compared to their August 2020 positions.

In eighth place is PHP (2.19%), which has risen one place since last August and has fallen a tiny 0.05% over this period. Assembly language is close behind, up five places and 0.99% since last August, and now advertises with a rating of 2.03%. SQL holds the same position as last year’s list and finishes in the top 10 with a rating of 1.47%.

The remaining top 20 include a number of notable updates, including significant crashes and notable increases. For example, No. 11 Groovy has risen 1.36% year-on-year, while No. 12 Classic Visual Basic has also risen five places during this period. No. 13 Fortran has risen a whopping 29 places in the past year and now has a rating of 1.14%. Year-on-year, the 0.83% rating increase is the biggest positive change in the August index after the online Python and Assembly language.

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