Facebook Reveals Most Viewed Posts On The Platform

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Facebook, to clarify disinformation complaints, released information on what content gets the most views each quarter and how much engagement public posts, pages and accounts receive.

Looking at the top 20 public posts, links and domains in Facebook’s report, they include Green Bay Packers player alumni site, a website that sells CBD products, and another that sells Christian T-shirts under the label “Reppn for Christ.” The sites ranked among the top five most viewed links on Facebook from April to June with each getting viewed by more 51 million users on Facebook.

YouTube also topped the list of the top five most viewed domains to which people shared links, followed by Amazon, UNICEF, GoFundMe and Twitter with 181.3 million views.

Journalists and researchers dug through the data and found that most of the content that gets the most engagement comes from right-wing sources like Ben Shapiro, Sean Hannity, and Dan Bongino – a narrative that Facebook has resisted.

Guy Rosen, Facebook’s Vice President for Integrity, said: “There’s a few gaps in the data that’s been used to date, and the narrative that has emerged is quite simply wrong. We are creating a report that provides a broad view.”

For more information, read the original story in NPR.

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