LCNC Platforms Record Increase In Usage, Survey Reveals

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A survey shows that 47% of respondents use Low-code and No-code (LCNC) technology in their organizations.

TechRepublic Premium surveyed 414 participants from a range of disciplines, business sizes, industry verticals and job functions to find out how their organizations use or disuse LCNC platforms and what they think this means for the future availability of developer jobs.

LCNC platforms promise to solve business problems and speed up digital transformation initiatives. Organizations, no matter the size like to use it.

Of the 35% who do not use LCNC, 20% plan to introduce the technology in the next 12 months.

17% of respondents using LCNC use it to automate workflows, 15% create new applications and 15% speed up development time. Another 10% of respondents implement the platforms to reduce the burden on developers while connecting and creating cross-departmental applications, workflows and business processes.

For the majority of respondents (67%), LCNC platforms will not lead to fewer developer jobs although 16% disagree.

For more information, read the original story in TechRepublic.

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