High Resignations In IT Have Companies Changing Strategies

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The U.S. Pulse Survey by PwC found that half of the executives surveyed plan to “change processes to become less dependent on employee institutional knowledge” as more and more employees leave their companies for better opportunities.

Joe Nocera, leader of PwC’s Cyber & Privacy Innovation Institute, says: “To keep operations running smoothly through these high volumes of resignations and turnover, almost half of CIOs plan to make changes in their processes to make organizations less dependent on employee institutional knowledge,” through processes such as automation and others, companies can “allow employees to shift their focus from time-consuming rote tasks to more strategic activities.”

For Nocera, this saves executives time and money in training new employees for routine tasks.

Citing PwC’s Next in Work survey, Nocera said that 65% of respondents said they were looking for a new job and 88% of executives reported comparatively high turnover.

Part of the PwC report says many executives are worried about numerous cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance concerns related to their hybrid work models. Other concerns such as “digital upskilling,” attempts to balance the “tech-driven experience of remote and on-site workers,” and increased shadow IT occurrences are prevalent.

For more information, read the original story in TechRepublic.



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