Microsoft To Update Security For Office 365 Quarantined Emails

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Microsoft is giving Defender for Office 365 a timely update to protect customers from embedded email threats while previewing quarantined emails.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 provides Office 365 enterprise email accounts with protection against various threats, such as business email compromises and credentials phishing, as well as automated attack remediation.

This upcoming update aims to limit users’ exposure to unwanted or malicious content by installing additional security controls to block embedded threats.

The update prevents threat actors from knowing that a target has loaded an image or embedded content.

In addition to the secured preview of quarantined emails, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 will also introduce other important quarantine management features that will simplify the email triage capabilities of security operations (SecOps) teams and end-users:

  • Guidelines for Quarantine folder policy and Request for User Release
  • Branding the customer organization
  • Simplified e-mail transmission from the quarantine portal
  • Robust publication of bulk quarantined emails
  • Quarantine support for shared mailboxes

In the coming months, Microsoft also plans a number of enhancements, such as hourly spam alerts for end-users and large-scale mass sharing to help SecOps professions release more than 100 emails at any one time.

Earlier this year, Microsoft also announced that Defender for Office 365 would make it easier for customers to identify users and domains targeted by phishing attacks. In addition, Defender for Office 365 will also inform Office 365 customers about perceived nation-state hacking activity detected within their tenants.

For more information, read the original story in BleepingComputer.


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