Average Download Speeds Surge In The Past Year

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Speedtest has released its latest Global Index, which shows that the global average download speeds have increased in the last year for both mobile and fixed broadband connections.

Worldwide average mobile speeds have increased to 55.07 Mbps and 107.50 Mbps for fixed broadband, increasing by 59.5% and 31.9% respectively.

Average download speeds over mobile phones are almost 100% faster than in 2019 and almost 200% higher than in 2017 when the Speedtest Global Index first recorded it. Similar increases have occurred in average download speeds over broadband, with data showing that it has been nearly 200% faster this year than in 2017.

Surprisingly, the countries in the top 10 of the Global Index, with the exception of South Korea, which appears on both lists this year, are very different.

The United Arab Emirates topped the list for mobile phones in both 2020 and 2021, followed by South Korea in second place this year. China, Qatar and Cyprus rounded out the top five. Norway, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia and Bulgaria also joined the top ten.

Monaco topped the list for fixed broadband, followed by Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Romania, Switzerland, South Korea, Chile, Denmark and Liechtenstein.

Australia, Cyprus, Denmark, Hong Kong, Romania and the United Arab Emirates saw broadband speeds increase in both mobile and fixed, while countries such as Chile and Norway saw growth in fixed broadband but declines in mobile.

Furthermore, China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Bulgaria were the countries that recorded an increase in mobile speed, but these countries did not reflect changes in broadband. Thailand and Singapore recorded declines in both mobile and fixed broadband connections relative to the global average.

For more information, read the original story in ZDNet.

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