CentOS Clone Rocky Linux Gets Technical Support

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Various groups are now offering technical support for CentOS Linux, a Red Hat Enterprise Linux which the organization left for CentOS Stream. Rocky Linux, one of the two major CentOS developers, is also finally getting support from its parent company CIQ.

According to Gregory Kurtzer, CentOS co-founder and Rocky Linux founder, CIQ will formally start providing support services for Rocky Linux users and continue to assert CIQ value as a key resource for Rocky Linux users.

CIQ also provides support for the company’s other open source programs including Warewulf’s cluster management platform, and its community-based container platform Singularity.

CMO of CIQ, Brim Leal, explained the latest development: “At its core, CIQ wants to redefine how customer service is done in this industry. So many companies say that, but we actually show it in two ways. First, we’re giving Rocky Linux users what they want: simplified, affordable support.”

He continued, stating “We are helping small independent users just as much as we support big enterprises. We helped create Rocky Linux as an open-source and independent operating system, and we’re going to keep it that way. Second, our technicians are Rocky Linux programmers and engineers – it’s what they do every single day. So they can drill down and enthusiastically address any customer support question our clients might have because Rocky Linux is their passion too.”

For more information, read the original story from ZDNet.

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