New Mēris Botnet Breaks DDoS Record With Huge Attack

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A new DDoS botnet, known simply as Mris have now been described as the largest DDoS attack in the history of the Russian Internet.

The DDoS botnet, which has been going after Russian internet giant Yandex for the past month, reached an unprecedented high of 21.8 million requests per second.

According to data from Yandex and Qrator Labs, attacks on its servers were based on about 56,000 attacks on hosts with devices compromised, which during the attacks used by Mris botnet said to be between 36,000 and 250,000 devices.

According to the researchers, Mris relies on the SOCK54 proxy of the compromised device, which uses HTTP pipelining DDoS technology and also port 5678.

The researchers also discovered that while the compromised devices are related to MikroTik (the Latvian manufacturer of network devices for companies of all sizes).

Furthermore, analysis showed that most of the compromised devices have an open Transmission Control Protocol which ensures that hacks devices without their owners noticing.

For more information, read the original story in Bleeping Computer.


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