Salesforce Rolls out AI-powered Tools To Enhance Service

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Salesforce has unveiled new AI-based workflows that are integrated into the Customer 360 platform, enabling customer service teams to predict, track, and solve customer needs.

The company also added new digital contact features for video, chat, voice control and workforce engagement.

Salesforce explained that the goal of the new developments is to provide agents with “a complete, digital platform that automates repetitive and low-value tasks so they can focus on the human side of service, resolving complex problems faster and building deeper, trusted relationships.”

New workflow features include tools such as Customer Service Incident Management that help speed up the resolution of major incidents by helping companies identify, diagnose and respond to service disruptions.

Other tools include Omni-Channel Flow, which will make it easier for services to create complex rules based on CRM data for routing cases, calls, messages and chats between services and other departments.

Finally, a new Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities tool for Service Cloud is designed to enable service teams to automate repetitive tasks such as looking up and writing over existing systems without APIs.

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