Windows 11 Android Support Spotted Online Ahead of Launch

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Microsoft has released the placeholder for the Android subsystem that would allow Android Apps to work on Desktop in the Microsoft Store and according to the Microsoft Store listing.

Windows 11 will reportedly need at least 8GB of RAM for Android support , though 16GB of RAM is recommended for the best experience.

Microsoft’s long-touted Android subsystem, based on the Windows subsystem for Linux, will ensure that Windows 11 uses Windows subsystem for Android. The company will also use unknown virtual machine technology to address issues with the Android Open Source Project, ensuring.

According to Microsoft officials, Android apps will work on Intel, AMD and Qualcomm (ARM) devices and for Intel PCs. The company will use Intel’s Bridge Technology feature (a run-time post compiler) to enable applications that have not been compiled to run natively on x86-based platforms.

For more information, read the original story in Bleeping Computer.

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