How to Get The iPhone 13 For Free Using T-Mobile

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iPhone12 Pro Max customers interested in upgrading their devices to iPhone 13 Pro Max may do so for free by making a trade-in that includes up to $1,290 in credit. Those interested in swapping need to switch or be a customer of T-Mobile.

Individuals can go to Apple’s website to shop for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, choosing T-Mobile as their carrier to get details of the deal.

The deal states that trading an iPhone 12 Pro Max will have up to $1,290 in credit. If the device in question has no defects such as a cracked screen or other damage, Apple will pay $790 of the fee in the form of an invoice credit while T-Mobile will pay the remaining $500.

The credits are not affected by the storage capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro Max as long as users pay for the tax on the phone.

Apple’s $790 portion of the deal will come either as monthly credit instalments or as a single bulk credit after trading their iPhone 12 Pro Max devices.

For more information, read the original story on CNET.


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