The Linux distribution Windows Users Have Been Looking for

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Linux has recently introduced a new operating system, Windowsfx preview, and it has replicated some remarkable Windows 11-like features that will help it stand out and help Windows users transition to Linux.

One of the notable features that Windowsfx has to offer is its user interface, which is similar to Windows 11. Its standard version uses the KDE Plasma Desktop, which offers first-class qualities such as ease of use, stability, speed and customization.

Although it takes time, installing Windows-compatible components helps to make exe as well as msi compatible with Windowsfx.

Windowsfx also comes with some established Windows programs as standard apps, some of which include MS Edge, the default browser for Windowsfx and Discover, which has been renamed to Windowsfx Store.

Other popular Windows applications included in the Windowsfx preview include MS Teams, Helloa, Audacity, Microsoft Office (online edition), Powershell, OneDrive, Spotify and Visual Studio Code.

For more information, read the original story in Tech Republic.

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