Survey Reveals People Still Make Poor Passowrd Decisions

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A LastPass survey found that 65% of respondents continue to use passwords for different accounts despite 92% of them acknowledging such action as being risky.

The survey also revealed that 45% of respondents did not switch their passwords in 2020 even after a security breach – a clear sign that people are relying heavily on web resources rather than making an effort to protect themselves.

The LasPass study looked at the psychology of passwords and found that people not only reuse passwords for different accounts, but also create passwords with personal information associated with public data.

Going forward, the company advises people to make use of “nonsensical phrases peppered with numbers and symbols as opposed to individual words to make your passwords longer, stronger, and easier to remember while also making them more difficult for hackers to crack.”

They are also advised to write down their passwords if they do not want to use password manager software, while paying attention to two-factor authentication.

For more information, read the original story in ZDNet.

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