Intel Launches New Next Generation Neuromorphic Processor

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Intel recently launched the latest version of its neuromorphic hardware called Loihi.

The new release comes with a better processor and some basic computational improvements. However, it also includes some fundamental hardware changes that would allow it to run completely new classes of algorithms.

While Loihi remains a research-focused product for the time being, Intel is also launching a compiler that is expected to be more widely distributed.

There are also some differences that are specific to Loihi’s needs. Intel says it has optimized all the asynchronous hardware, giving Loihi 2 double the power of updating a neuron’s state and increasing the performance of spike generation tenfold.

In the original processor, users were also able to use a bit of mathematics to make this determination. In Loihi 2, they now have access to a simplified programmable pipeline that allows them to make comparisons and control the flow of instructions.

Ultimately, users are now able to specify these programs down to the per-neuron level, meaning that two adjacent neurons could run completely different software.

For more information, view the original story from Arstechnica.

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