Firefox 93 Arrives With New Mouth-watering Features

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The new version 93 of Mozilla’s Firefox comes with some juicy features including tab unloading, insecure download blocks and forced referrer trimming.

While the current version is still only available on Windows with MacOS and Linux to follow, the new tab unloading feature allows Firefox to unload tabs to prevent the browser from crashing when it is in low-memory situations on Windows. The feature unloads tabs, starting with the most recently used tab. However, tabs exist in the foreground or those that are pinned are not unloaded.

Firefox 93 also comes with the third version of its SmartBlock technology, which replaces various Google advertising javascript with local versions that behave like the originals and prevent sites from breaking. Finally, the browser changes its referrer policies to ensure that websites cannot override the default trimming that Firefox applies to cross-site URLs.

For more information, read the original story in ZDNet.

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