IBM Introduces New Tools To Address Climate Change Issues

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IBM recently announced a series of new tools that will help companies address two major climate challenges, including emissions reductions and adaptation to climate change.

Using existing tools and tailored environmental data, IBM’s new service, the Environmental Intelligence Suite, examines how to optimize carbon footprint analysis, while highlighting areas where companies face adverse weather conditions caused by climate change.

While the weather forecasting part of the suite helps companies prepare for severe weather-related disruptions that could delay deliveries or close facilities, the carbon footprint analysis part of the suite tracks a range of different emission sources, some of which include industrial heat, fugitive sources such as methane leaks, and transportation sources such as shipping.

Now, IBM’s suite tracks two of the three main emission segments of a supply chain, although the company announced that it is working on the third segment, which tracks emissions from the edge of a company’s supply chain.

For more information, read the original story in Ars Technica.

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