Google’s Pixel 6 Processor Comes With AI Photo Features

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Google’s newest smartphone, the Pixel 6, features the “Tensor” processor, which offers many remarkable features powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

One of these innovative features is the “magic eraser,” a system that allows the photo app to detect and remove distractions in the photo, including movement in the background.

The feature can also be used for things like power poles or wires, while users can also select things they want to remove like the automatic system.

Another unique feature is the “face blur,” which uses all available cameras to take multiple versions when users take photos with their rear-facing camera.

This means that when the image is taken of a person in constant motion, the camera tries to correct a blurred face by combining all the data to figure out what the non-blurred version should look like.

Thanks to the performance of the new processor, the technology can also be applied to videos.

According to Google’s device chief Rick Osterloh, many of the new features will only be available on Pixel although some may eventually be available on other devices. The new Pixel 6 will retail for £549/$599 while the Pro version will retail for £849/$899.

For more information, read the original story on the BBC.

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