Linux No Longer Beta on Chromebooks, Gets More Functionality

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The open source operating system Linux has now officially ended its beta status on Chromebooks and promised more functionality in the coming days.

Users can now run multiple Linux instances simultaneously with their Chromebooks.

Due to the recent development, compiling code in a container is already possible by activating the new crostini-multi-container flag.

In addition, there is also a new Chrome OS settings section called “Manage extra containers” that lets users know what their current containers are and allows them to create a new one, as well as stop or delete existing ones.

While this new feature still has many flaws, this functionality holds a lot of promise due to the fact that it is capable of making high-end Chromebooks as useful to Linux power users as a top-notch Linux laptop such as a Dell XPS 13 Linux Developer Edition.

For more information, you may view the original story from ZDnet.


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