Cyber Changes Made by Organizations to Tackle Ransomware

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In order to better protect themselves against possible ransomware attacks, organizations are making several changes to their cyber defenses.

These changes include a shift to Software-as-a-Software, multi-factor authentication (82%), single sign-on (80%), identity access management (74%), privileged access management (60%), and the much discussed and even less implemented Zero Trust (47%).

The survey conducted by Pulse and Hitachi ID found that educating employees about cybersecurity also helps to stop ransomware attacks. 69% of respondents said that their organization has increased cyber education for employees in the last 12 months.

Bryan Christ, sales engineer at Hitachi ID Systems, explains: “IT environments have become more fluid, open, and, ultimately, vulnerable. As a result, more companies are relying less on conventional methods such as a VPN to keep their networks secure. Certain credentials, such as passwords to privileged accounts, are the keys to the kingdom. If a bad actor gets their hands on these credentials, a ransomware attack is almost certain to ensue.”

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