Tesla Sued for Sexual Harassment Against Women

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According to Arstechnica, Tesla employee Jessica Barraza recently filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging that she and several other women at the Fremont factory were constantly subjected to sexual comments and groping.

A lawsuit filed in the Alameda County Superior Court in California states: “Multiple times a week, male co-workers brush up against Ms. Barraza’s back-side (including with their groins) or unnecessarily touch her under the pretext of working together in close quarters. Ms. Barraza, who started her career at Tesla as a strong, confident, ambitious woman, is currently on medical leave until the end of the year, ordered by her doctor, in treatment with a therapist who has diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder, and on anxiety medication.”

According to Barraza, Tesla retaliated against her by denying her “certain privileges and benefits that were afforded to women who did not object to supervisors’ sexual advances and flirtations.”

Barraza’s future claim includes both damages and penalties, and an injunction that will force the company to eliminate the actions outlined in the lawsuit, including that Tesla adopting “training, monitoring, reporting, and enforcement policies reasonably calculated to immediately end such unlawful practices.”

For more information read the original story in Arstechnica..



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