VR Tech Shows Parents The Outcome Of Child’s Surgery

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Amanda and Judd Michnowiec are the first the use new technology that predicts the outcome of a life-changing medical operation in virtual reality.

This means that family members can foresee the effects and changes of an operation in virtual reality.

The technology is based on algorithms that incorporate multiple data from more than 60 surgeries over the past seven years, introducing the couple to an immersive environment in which they could see from different angles the reconstruction of their baby’s head generated by a CT scan.

The VR environment shows the current shape of their baby’s head and how its head will look after the reshaping surgery.

Although the technology has amazing features, it also offers room for suggestions and changes from those who use it to the surgeons who will perform the surgery.

Amanda, the mother of the baby known as Archie, who was born with a rare brain condition noted, “We’re excited, and there is always that worry with what he’s going to have done. Although it’s a lot to take in, it is reassuring to know that’s what we’ve got to expect, and have that explained, and we’re not going to be waiting and wondering what’s happening.”

For more information, read the original story on the BBC.

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