How to Best Protect Organizations Remote Endpoints

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The remote management provider Action1 recently gave tips on how organizations can ensure that they better secure remote endpoints.

Some of the steps that must follow include automating their software patches, ensuring the visibility and control of their IT teams over remote endpoints, providing cyber security training to all employees, and finally drawing up an emergency plan. Companies should ensure that they automate their patching to cover both operating systems and third-party products.

IT teams need to know what and where the company’s endpoints are to determine how to patch them and how to remove outdated and unwanted programs.

Equally important is providing cyber training for workers, and this training includes how to detect phishing attacks, how to avoid working from public Wi-Fi or allowing family members to use their business devices, and establishing an emergency plan to ensure that companies are prepared in the event of a cyber attack.

For more information, read the original story in Tech Republic.


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