Quantinuum Adopts Unique Approach To Quantum Computing

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Instead of qubits, Quantinuum will be relying on the combination of hardware (System Model H1) and open source software (Tket) in its move to establish its quantum computing company, and also make the field commercially relevant.

According to the new company’s president and COO, Tom Uttley, the company will abolish the traditional wisdom surrounding quantum computing machines and the need to require millions of qubits for their effective operation.

He explained that the company’s hardware and software combination will entail additional software and hardware.

To make quantum computing relevant, the CEO of the new company and founder of Cambridge Quantum, Ilyas Khan, said that the company will release a cybersecurity product.

In 2022, the company will focus on chemistry, a software package for companies that uses quantum computing to solve complex scientific problems in pharmaceuticals, materials science, specialty chemicals and agrochemicals.

For Khan, Quantinuum will revolutionize the quantum computing industry by taking a completely different approach and making the field commercially viable.

For more information, read the original story in TechRepublic.

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