Twitch AI Tool Finds Banned Users That Rejoin Chat Channels

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Twitch recently unveiled a new AI tool that can help detect banned users trying to re-enter chat channels.

As part of the company’s dedicated efforts to combat hate on the platform, the new system will alert streamers and chat moderators when a particular user “likely” or “possible” circumvents a ban.

This tool will therefore restrict the opening of new accounts after they have been banned for hate and harassment offences.

The new feature, known as the suspicious-user detection system uses “machine learning” and “a number of account signals” to detect ban evaders.

Although it is enabled by default, moderators or creators can adjust, use, or switch it off.

Although it has been categorically stated that machine learning is not 100% accurate, chat moderators have the final say on whether or not to use the feature.

However, the company said that the tool “will learn from the actions you take – and the accuracy of its predictions should improve over time.” The new feature follows other implemented decisions put in place to combat hate including phone-verified chat and legal actions against unidentified users allegedly said to be involved in “chat-based attacks against marginalized streamers.”

For more information, read the original story on the BBC.

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