Forrester: Software Will Adapt to a New Normal in 2022

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Nearly two years after the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have turned to new digital business models and offerings, leaving development teams under pressure to rapidly deliver new digital innovations and create more platforms and services to support businesses, organizations, and various institutions.

Leading market research group Forrester predicts that software development will continue to shift toward event-driven architectures, consolidated DevOps pipelines, and AI bots to continuously meet its customers “needs.

Here is a detailed view of three Forrester software development projections for 2022:

    <li>At least one third of companies will focus on EDA in 2022. Expanding distributed application architectures becomes complicated when only synchronous APIs are used for integration due to fragility and scalability. In recent years, EDA has attracted increasing interest as it addresses this wall through APIs, microservices and integration, and this interest will increase in 2022, with 35% of companies focusing on EDA.</li><li>50% of enterprise development teams will move to consolidated DevOps tool chains. While best-in-breed tools will continue to be used, an increasing number of developers and the companies supporting them are leaning toward holistic toolchains for a number of reasons: to enable automated governance and compliance, to enable further adoption of GitOps, and to leverage value stream management tools. 50% of companies will need these tool chains in 2022, which will also become another platform as a service.</li><li>Almost all development tools will have an AI bot by the end of 2022. In 2021, a new developer era focused on AI began with a controlled testing phase of GitHub Copilot, IBM AI for code and AI stack, and Oracle with a query language generator. This is in line with the longer-term goal of using AI in continuous testing. In 2022, AI bots will add natural language and other capabilities to the developer toolbox in almost all development tools.</li>

For more information, you may view the original story from ZDnet.

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