5 Remote Work Problems To Solve in 2022

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Experts have outlined five remote work problems that need to be resolved by 2022, including understanding how “good” looks, defining the scope of “flexible” and “hybird, trusting remote workers, the great salary debate, and finally, work-life balance.

On closer inspection, the first problem with recognizing how “good” looks requires employers to understand that good work can be done regardless of where employees work from. It also explains that the number of hours spent online is not a critical productivity factor. It is hard to see that many workers are doing hard work remotely.

As a result, managers need to pay more attention to workers “performance in the future, rather than focusing on the number of days they spend in the office.

The second question The definition of “flexible’ vs ‘hybrid” implies a distinction between the two terms, since they are not the same. Going forward, organizations will need to specify what they offer.

The third problem with trust in remote employees is the need to refrain from using extreme software technologies to track remote employees. In the future, employers will also need to trust their employees to do what they are paid to do, not by using unethical means to determine it.

For more information read the original story in ZDNet.

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