CIO Predictions and Tech Trends To Watch for 2022

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CIOs and other technology leaders have unveiled their list of technology trends expected in 2022, which revolves around the lack of technological talent, the increasing use of artificial intelligence, and others.

Trends he identified include talent panic in technology, digital transformation to the next level, AI and ML trends, increased demands for simplicity in the cloud, the use of data to tap into sustainability, CIOs to take on new roles as CEOs, a mega-shift in the future of work,

Upon careful examination of the trend, Forrester predicts that the skills shortage in the technology sector will continue, and that organizations will be forced to increase talent pay to attract them.

Forrester predicts that organizations will take digital transformation to the next level, human transformation. Initiatives will go beyond digital transformation and merge CX and EX.

For artificial intelligence and machine learning, Forrester predicts that the need to create responsible AI will be a top priority in 2022, and the need to simplify the complexity associated with using the cloud will remain a top priority in 2022.

For more information, read the original story in Tech Republic.

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