Slack, Amazon, And Others Suffer Outages

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Popular websites such as Slack, AWS, Hulu, Amazon, Coinbase, Udemy and others were recently rendered inaccessible. On Slack, users are receiving errors when sending or editing messages.

On image hosting service Imgur, content is not loading and users are experiencing an error message: “Sorry! We’re encountering some technical difficulties. Refresh or check back in a few!”

According to an Amazon report, the company confirmed that a power outage at its US-EAST-1 data center was behind the outage. In a later update, AWS confirmed that power has been restored to all network devices in the affected data center. It was also assured that connectivity will soon be available again at all sites soon.

This incident follows a recent course of events, including Cloudflare network issues and AWS outages that disrupted the activities of some prominent websites.

Many experts are now asking organizations to make use of multiple cloud services to better secure their data.

For more information, read the original story in BleepingComputer.



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