Developer Launches Project To Fix Linux Kernel’s Code Mess

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Ingo Molnar, a senior Linux kernel developer, is launching a fundamental clean-up of the code chaos in the organization with his project “Fast Kernel Headers.”

His project will focus on a comprehensive cleanup and rework of the Linux Kernel’s header hierarchy and header dependencies.

Some changes Molnar is working on include 2,200 commit code changes, changing 25,288 files with 178,024 insertions and 74,720 deletions, and others.

Challenges expected to arise from these changes include aggressive decoupling of high-level headers, type and API header decoupling, automated dependency addition to .h and .c files, and finally header optimization will be required.

With the proposed changes, Linux kernel and distro developers will be able to compile Linux faster than ever before.

For more information, read the original story in ZDNet. 



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