Night Sky Ransomware Targets Corporate Networks

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MalwareHunterTeam has discovered a new ransomware called Night Sky, which targets companies and steals data in double extortion attacks.

When Night Sky ransomware is started, it encrypts all files except those ending with the .dll or .exe file extensions. When encrypting files, Night Sky will append the .nightsky extension to encrypted file names.

In each folder, which contains the . nightsky extension, a ransom note named NightSkyReadMe.hta contains details about what was stolen, contact emails and hardcoded credentials to the victim’s negotiation page.

Night Sky uses email addresses and a clear website running Rocket.Chat to communicate with victims.

The Tor data leak site, created by Night Sky to leak victim data, currently contains two victims: one victim is from Bangladesh and the other from Japan.

One of the victims was ordered to pay a ransom of $800,000 to obtain both a decryptor and stolen data, which was not made public.

For more information, read the original story in BleepingComputer.



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