Verizon’s 5G Upgrade Adds New Hotspot Data Limits On Older Plans

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Verizon’s users who have subscribed to unlimited 5G hotspot data on the millimeter-wave network will experience a monthly limit on hotspot use.

Customers currently have 15 GB of hotspot data with 4G LTE speeds and unlimited “5G Ultra-Wideband” hotspot data for Verizon’s “Beyond Unlimited” smartphone plan, which has been in place for several years.

In the future, both the C-Band and the millimeter wavelength spectrum will be included in what Verizon calls Ultra-Wideband, and Verizon will no longer provide unlimited Ultra Wideband hotspot data to those who currently have it.

Verizon also said that “people on plans with 5G Ultra Wideband mobile hotspot will transition to having an allowance based on their plan.” Therefore, regardless of the cap a user has on the use of a 4G hotspot, the total combined use of 4G and 5G hotspot will soon apply without a separate unlimited surcharge for the use of millimetre wave hotspots.

Beyond Unlimited, which traditionally costs $85 a month for a single line, will no longer be offered to new customers or those who change plans. Instead, users who buy new phone plans can get up to 50 GB of high-speed hotspot data.

In the future, users who now subscribe to the Beyond Unlimited Plan will be able to enjoy unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband data on their device, which is usually only useful for users who happen to be in a millimeter wavelength range, and this allocation will be unlimited even after the addition of the C band to Verizon’s Ultra Wideband.

The “5G Get More” plan, which costs $90 a month in addition to taxes and charges for a line, includes 50 GB of “premium mobile hotspot data” and unlimited data at lower speeds. Hotspot speeds after consumption of 50 GB are 3 Mbps on ultra-wideband and 600 kbps elsewhere.

The “5G Play More” and “5G Do More” plans, which cost $80 each for a single line, include 25 GB of premium hotspot data per month. If you use your smartphone regularly, these two plans contain 50 GB of full-speed data.

Finally, the $70-per-month “5G Start” plan has no mobile hotspot data and no “premium” smartphone data before a possible slowdown. All plans offer discounts per line if purchased for more than one person.

For more information, read the original story in Ars Technica.


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