Cyber Criminals Mailing USB Drives With Malware

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The FBI has warned the public about a cybercrime syndicate that has been mailing out USB thumb drives that install malicious software into recipients’ computer networks.

The USB drives loaded with malware contain so-called ‘BadUSB’ attacks. These exploits enable a cybercriminal to reprogram a USB drive to emulate a keyboard, install malware before an operating system starts to boot or spoof a network card and redirect traffic.

According to the FBI, the new BadUSB attacks were shipped on LILYGO-branded devices, which were delivered from August to November last year to organizations in the transportation and insurance sectors as well as to targets in the defense industry.

The USB drives have been configured to serve as a keyboard device once plugged in. They then install malware on the target PC. Various attack tools have been installed that allow PC exploitation, lateral movement over a network, and installation of additional malware.

The cybercriminal gang FIN7 group is believed to be behind the attack, which carried out a similar attack in 2020.

For more information read the original story in ZDNet.


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