Organizations Stand To Lose Tech Talent In 2022

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Many organizations are facing the grim reality of losing their top tech talent this year for a number of compelling reasons.

U.S. Labor Department statistics show a record 4.5 million workers were laid off in November 2021.

Keeping organizations and businesses afloat has weighed heavily on the shoulders of technology and IT teams over the past two years.

However, despite the tall order, studies show that many IT professionals still feel undervalued and unappreciated in the workplace. Moreover, the pressures of digitizing organizations and the thankless task of software development have pushed many tech professionals to the brink.

Research shows that only one in five IT managers considers employee satisfaction and retention to be the top business priority. 45% of HR managers are concerned that workers will leave once the job market improves, but only a quarter see the retention of skilled workers as the top priority for their organization this year.

In order to turn the tide, employers should make every effort to retain existing technological talent, as they are the ones who have extensive knowledge of the organization’s technology and who are able to respond to the needs of the company and its clientele.

Developers strongly emphasize their desire for more flexibility in their roles, especially in terms of remote control capabilities, which has become an important incentive for attracting and retaining top tech talent this year and even beyond.

Beyond that, competitive salaries and improved mental health support are also critical.

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