FBI Warns Of Fake Job Posting Scam Campaign

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Scammers are using fake ads on recruitment platforms to steal money and information from job seekers, according to the FBI.

Fraudsters take advantage of the lack of stringent security standards on recruitment websites to post fake job advertisements, which are difficult to distinguish from those published by the companies that advertise them.

To better protect them from this type of scam, the FBI has provided a few tips to follow, including reviewing job ads found on networking sites. Job seekers can do this by contacting the company’s human resources department or its official platform.

Employment advisers should only provide PII and financial information in person or via video call after verifying their identity.

Indicators that can give fake job scammers away include statements that interviews are not conducted in person or through a secure video call, but via teleconference applications that use e-mail addresses instead of phone numbers.

Others are potential employers who contact victims through non-company email domains and conference calls that require employees to purchase startup equipment from the company, request credit card information, and post job advertisements on job boards, but not on companies’ websites.

For more information, read the original story in BleepingComputer.



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