Huawei Launches Seven ‘Smart Office’ Products

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Huawei has launched seven new “Smart Office” products which highlight the company’s commitment to consumers. The products include a top-end laptop and its first printer and e-ink tablet.

According to William Tian, president of Huawei’s Western Europe Consumer Business Group, the new products will also appeal to remote employees.

Tian also revealed that the products are not stand-alone devices, and the Huawei Super Device concept will make it easier for the products to connect and collaborate.

Super Device is a technology that enables Huawei products to combine and share capabilities and resources.

Despite the U.S. trade ban that led to the company’s market decline, Tian showed that the company remains committed to the smartphone market.

He said Huawei would continue to invest in new technologies that would help it maintain its leading position in the smartphone market.

He explained that the company has no problem with supplying bottlenecks in chips for its product. “We can meet the market demand, we don’t have any supply issue,” he said.

For more information, read the original story in Reuters.



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