Ukraine’s Tech Diaspora Takes Active Part In Quenching Warfare

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Tech workers of Ukraine heritage are taking an active part in putting an end to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

This set of workers working at Western tech companies is now coming together to stop misinformation sites. Their activities will also put pressure on Russians to openly protest against their government’s activities in Ukraine.

To achieve their aim, this set of Ukrainians is calling on tech companies to do more to counter Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

They also pleaded with cybersecurity companies to drop Russian clients especially publishers of what they tag as disinformation.

“Companies should try to isolate Russia as much as possible, as soon as possible. Sanctions are not enough,” said Olexiy Oryeshko, a staff software engineer at Google and a Ukrainian American.

Ukrainian tech workers in western countries have also volunteered to be part of the “IT army” which will help repel and tackle Russian activities.

For Ukrainian tech workers in the diaspora, taking down Russian websites will send a message to show the country’s disapproval of Russia’s activities.

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