Twitch Ban Russian State Media, Users Spreading Misinformation

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Amazon’s Twitch is set to block Russian state media from establishing a presence on the platform.

According to Twitch, this is because the platform has been constantly spreading misinformation away from its services.

The move from Twitch will ban users who persistently spread widely debunked misinformation with clear risks of potential harm.

A Twitch spokesperson explained that Russian-owned media outlets were not popular on the platform. However, the platform will remove a channel it believes had ties to Russian state-controlled news network RT.

Twitch’s new rule against “harmful misinformation actors” would impact fewer than 100 channels at launch.

Twitch actions mean the platform has joined other tech companies that have taken critical actions against Russian state-controlled media outlets.

Across various tech platforms owned by Google, Meta, and others, Russian state-owned platforms were removed on the basis that they are used in spreading misinformation.

For more information, read the original story in Reuters

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