Tussle For Vehicle’s Data Intensifies With New Expected Legislation

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EU regulators are working on creating the first set of rules for the web-enabled vehicles industry. The race to control the industry has therefore intensified since then.

According to the European Commission sources, the EU executive is expected to launch an industry consultation on in-vehicle data this week. This could lead to legislation later in 2022.

While car makers are in a strong position to determine who accesses the data gotten from web-enabled vehicles, insurers and repair shops want drivers to choose who has access to their vehicles’ data.

With technology improving daily, the new set of vehicles will hold access to important data for millions of users around the world.

A lot of companies are banking on this data available to reach a lot of potential. The data gotten from vehicles can be used by organizations to aggregate actions, map out location, habits, and other vital data needed.

This, therefore, explains why a lot of companies are at the forefront of getting access to these data.

For more information, read the original story in Reuters.


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