Factors That Can Guarantee The Success Of Engineering Teams

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Some factors are key to the success of outstanding engineering teams.

According to Circle CI’s report, this includes the use of extensive testing and the implementation of the correct team size.

For extensive testing, organizations need to meet certain standards. This includes prioritizing being in a state of deploy-readiness, rather than the number of workflow run and ensuring workflow durations pegged between five to ten minutes on average.

Others include recovering from any failed runs by fixing or reverting in less than an hour, and ensuring that success rates are above 90% for the default branch of their application.

Implementation of the correct team size is very important. A larger team size creates room for better performance.

According to the study, the ideal team size ranged between five and twenty code contributors based on the task that needs to be solved.

A larger team also reduces the chances of having members of the team experience burnout from overwork.

For more information, read the original story in TechRepublic.



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