Snowflake Announces Retail Data Cloud

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Snowflake has launched a Retail Data Cloud platform to help businesses in the retail and consumer goods sectors manage their data.

The platform embodies Snowflake’s highly-scalable data warehousing, analytics, and compliance tool.

Snowflake’s Retail Data Cloud will help provide access to third-party data sources and resources through a data market and various partner consulting services such as Capgemini and Infosys.

The Retail Data Cloud also has preconfigured data applications from various technology and consulting partners.

These include a Retail Intelligence Dashboard built in partnership with Tableau and features that allow users to apply machine learning to their data.

The new Retail Data Cloud offering means Snowflake now offers four industry-specific versions of its platforms.

The two data cloud offerings launched this year, therefore, complement the Financial Services Data Cloud and Media Data Cloud launched in 2021.

For more information, read the original story in CIO.


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