How Organizations Can Push Against Workers Quitting Their Job

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One in three managers and employees who have not left their jobs in the last six months are now thinking about new opportunities.

According to Adobe’s Future of Time report, half of all Gen Z respondents are considering new opportunities, with 25% planning to take a step in the next six months.

The report showed that 40% of business managers and 25% of SMB leaders saw increased resignations over the last six months.

People who left their jobs were most likely to move to a new industry, start their own business or become freelancers.

One reason workers are dissatisfied and want to look for new jobs, according to the survey, is the time of troubleshooting technology.

The complexity of technological tools that facilitate workers transition to hybrid work leaves many workers frustrated.

The inability of managers to understand how technology works in some cases, and the use of outdated technologies, have also contributed to the desire to look for new opportunities.

Adapting the corporate culture to a business strategy can be helpful in solving the problem.

For Alyson Daichendt, Managing Director in Human Capital Consulting, Organizational Transformation at Deloitte, business leaders need to understand the core culture of the organisation.

“A good way to accomplish this is to measure baseline culture with a diagnostic or product that accurately captures [the] sentiment of the current state. With these learnings, managers can define ways to support the culture they are looking to achieve and work actively on potential culture derailers,” Daichendt.

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