Twitter’s Bluesky Names First Employees

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Bluesky, a company founded by Twitter, has named its first three employees.

Employees include Aaron Goldman, who will work as a security engineer, Daniel Holmgren and Paul Frazee, who will both work as protocol engineers at Bluesky.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who announced the initiative more than two years ago, also joined Bluesky’s board of directors in February.

According to Bluesky CEO Jay Graber, after assembling the original team, the company will be able to build its prototype with the involvement of other technologists in the industry.

Bluesky aims to develop an open protocol for social media to enable social platforms to work together.

This means creating decentralised social media platforms where, for example, a Twitter user can send a message to a person on Reddit, Facebook or Instagram.

Although the project may take years to implement, it is believed that it will give social media users greater control over the type of content they see in their feeds.

The project will also make it easier for them to switch to another social media app.

For more information, read the original story in Reuters.


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